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This project was first announced in 2001 during an interview with former PD music writer John Soeder with the original storyline based on my parents’ courtship as the nation’s interstate system was being developed. I loved the idea, however, many of the songs ended up being a part of the band’s 2004 release, “Touchy/Feely”.

And then life happened.

And then a wonderful, though ultimately failed 7-year relationship happened.

And that’s when “Lazy Summer Evening” became a more personal story.

And when the relationship ended in 2015, the project was shelved indefinitely because I was too emotionally attached to it.

Heartfelt love and thanks to my little brother, Jerry for convincing me a couple years back to revisit the project. As he put it, “these songs are simply amazing and deserve to finally be heard!” I did just that, approaching the project with fresh perspective. I'm glad I listened to him.

With that, the band and I are so very proud to officially announce the release of “Lazy Summer Evening: Saul Glennon sings of love found…and of love lost” this summer! We will be releasing the project via our website, bandcamp, and to all streaming services one side at a time to allow the listener to fully experience the story. The release schedule is as follows:

Side 1: “Finding Love” on June 18th

Side 2: “Having Love” on July 16th

Side 3: “Losing Love” on August 13th

Side 4: “Remembering Love” on September 10th

The entire album will then be released on vinyl, CD, CD book, and all digital streaming services on September 26th. (Vinyl may take longer due to production schedules)

We are excited to have good guys Clinton J Holley and Dave Polster at Well Made Music handling the vinyl and digital mastering.

Much thanks to everyone who participated in this project throughout the years- Jerry Rugan, Adam Zieleniewski, Mark Meluch, Chris Kocka, Rick Christyson, Mike Pella, Paula Elser Clare Ciminero, Ava Preston, Rhonda Buynak, and Phil Quidort.



Thanks for listening!

Lazy summer evening


The "Glennon's" have been making their own brand 60's and 70's influenced pop rock since 1994's "No money for beer". The entire catalogue is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other digital music outlets.

The latest releases on high resolution audio can be purchased and downloaded through this website and the band's band camp site. 


20 years in the making, "Lazy Summer Evening: Saul Glennon sings of love found...and of love lost" has finally arrived!

Purchase and download the lossless high resolution audio here! Also available on CD, and special edition hardcover and softcover book versions!

LSE promo.png
Hardcover book w/CD
Softcover book w/CD
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The origin of "The Glennons" dates back to February 1993. Following a 3 year break from writing and recording,  Jack approached little brothers Jerry and Jim to put together an impromptu gig for Jack's 30th birthday celebration. Along for the ride was Jerry's high school buddy Adam Zieleniewski. Jack was also fascinated with Jerry's recent purchase, a Tascam portable 4-track cassette recorder and began experimenting with it on visits back to the Rugan household. Jump ahead a year and now armed with his own 4-track recorder, Jack once again began writing and recording. In September 1994, he completed his first cassette of original music since 1990. The new music had a somewhat different sound, incorporating more guitar instead of the keyboard driven music he recorded in the 1980's. As a result, Jack was looking to give the music a new identity. Inspired his entire life by British rock and pop, Jack wanted to pay tribute to his favorite band, none other than The Beatles. Recalling a Batman comic book from 1970 in which the story was a take-off on the infamous "Paul is dead" rumor of 1969, Jack named the new "band" after two characters in the Batman story, Saul and Glennon. Both obvious rip-offs on Paul and John. With the release of "No money for beer", Saul Glennon was born!


The original quartet played their first gig at the old Five-J's Inn on Fleet ave. in the Slavic Village section of Cleveland. The band consisted of Jack, brother Jerry, Adam Zieleniewski, and then brother-in-law Mike Elswick. Check out exclusive footage here! 

Since then, "The family of Saul Glennon" currently includes Jack Rugan, Jerry Rugan, Mark Meluch, Chris Kocka, Mike Pella, Rick Christyson, and Adam Zielenewski. The entire catalogue is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other digital music outlets.

Photo By: Robert Banks




Phone: 440-454-0536

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